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Paraphrase My Paper

Paraphrasing an article or an academic paper means to rewrite while maintaining its original meaning. This is often done to avoid issues with Plagiarism, or illegal copying of work. The written word is protected through copyright and if you use someone else’s work without permission within your work or on your website you can be in some serious trouble.

Paraphrasing articles, therefore, allows you to avoid these issues by taking either your own article or someone else’s article and turning it into a completely different version which uses different words but still conveys the same ideas and views.

Plagiarism Vague Meaning Wordiness Broken Language Verbosity Grammar Issues Prolixity Technical Language Stylistic Mistakes Spelling Errors
Our Paraphrasing Service Will Deal with These Issues
The following points will be discussed:
  • Why you need to re-phrase
  • How to rewrite your paper
  • Help that we can provide

How to “Paraphrase My Paper”

If you want to paraphrase sentences you will have to rewrite it with a completely different sentence structure and use different words if you want to create a substantially different paper or article. There are computer programs called spinners that claim to be able to do this for you quickly and efficiently but these work by taking individual words or small groups of words and swapping them for similar words that you would find in your thesaurus. However these programs do a very poor job and will often produce unreadable garbage; even if used correctly the resultant article can be spotted as a copy by the search engines and still penalized.

Paraphrasing Sample

Paraphrase with Us

Original Paper Paraphrased Paper
Text Flow Good Enhanced
Meaning Identical
Plagiarism 100% 0%

The only sure way to “paraphrase my paper” will be to do it by hand. You have to rewrite the whole thing. The easiest way will be to take it on a sentence or paragraph by paragraph basis and rewrite each. Paraphrasing a paragraph involves reading it carefully to understand exactly what the meaning is and then rewriting it using different words than you used for the original. Rephrasing in this manner can be very easy unless you are the original author. Being able to do it is doubly hard as you will tend to remember exactly what you wrote originally and want to repeat it again your own phrases and word choices.

We Can Help Your Paraphrasis

Whatever your reasons may be for wanting to “paraphrase my paper” we have the expertise to help. Rewriting article sections or entire papers is what we do; our experts are graduate degree holders and each works only in the areas in which they have expertise.

By being an expert in the field of your writing they have a full and complete understanding of what you have written and can then rewrite while fully maintaining the intent of the original. Our online paraphrasing is guaranteed, error free and fully checked for plagiarism before you receive it.

Need someone to “paraphrase my paper”? Our writers are here for you!