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Paraphrasing Service

professional paraphrasing services onlineParaphrasing duties are often tedious and difficult, but they’re also crucially necessary to the success of many different things, from generating high-quality web content to crafting a good research paper. Rephrasing is a shortcut to high-quality content, and as long as your writing is good and plagiarism free then you’ve got no worries. Still, many people struggle with effective rewriting, seeing something written one way just sticks in some people heads and crafting it a different way is simply impossible. Whether this is you, or whether you’d simply like to benefits of professional services, you can get the best help on the web from our team.


Professional Help with Paraphrasing and Summarizing

Communicating the same thing with different words over and over is something that many people simply can’t do, whether because of time or skill restraints and often paraphrasing services are needed for multiple documents. Whether you’re a student looking to have an essay professionally rewritten or a website owner who’d like some pages of fresh content, you can get the help you’re looking for at our service, and our help is always easily accessible and available. Our team of professional writers all have advanced English degrees and they draw their experience from a wide range of fields, they also each have extensive experience re-phrasing content of all kinds, and they can do it quickly at high levels. Rewriting the same thing with different words is a trick that professional writers have mastered, let our professionals get to work on your content and you’ll see the document you want to be transformed into your content effortlessly and almost unnoticeable, plagiarism and hassle free!

Our Examples of Paraphrasing APA and MLA Style

Paraphrasing vs summarizing, what’s the difference? Why is it important to understand paraphrasing styles and making use of APA paraphrasing examples for your papers? The truth is you cannot write an exceptional paper without understanding how APA and MLA styles or format for writing affects your work. Therefore, let’s explore some concepts with paraphrasing in MLA and APA format as well as how to summarize or paraphrase.

APA Paraphrasing Example

Original text:

E-commerce offers a relatively new idea to modern marketing communications in the 21st century. For a concept or experience that has only spanned a period of three decades one cannot but commend the brains behind its existence. E-commerce brings ease into the way we purchase. It also increases the business opportunities by taking it from the hand of a few into the hands of many (Keystone, 2018).

Paraphrased example:

According to Keystone (2018) report, modern purchasing trend has seen a steady and commendable rise in the way the market operates through the introduction and rise in e-commerce in just less than half a century. E-commerce has resulted in a shift in the market from being a closed-door market with few players to an open door market with a limitless number of players (p. 236).

MLA Paraphrasing Sample

Original text:

I grew up in a middle-class home where getting an education and pursuing a professional course would be termed the ultimate. And so for my dad, James Corner, who strived as a bricklayer, having sent me through the university to get a degree in Law seeing my work as a Human Rights lawyer with very little pay was a big blow. He had envisioned a life of affluence for me only to be disappointed about my choice for a career that pays me less than what he even earned as a bricklayer.

Andrew, Corner. “The Passions Series”. Following the dreams, leaving the shadows behind. Plane-back Publishers, 2018, pp. 123-25.

Paraphrased example:

Andrew Corner’s experience as a middle-class child while growing up and over the choice of career path plays up the emotions parents and their kids get mixed up in. While he favoured his dreams and passions above the kind of job or salary his father who sent him through school to study law would have preferred a more fanciful job at a prestigious law firm with better pay. Well, that wasn’t going to happen as Andre chose volunteer service with lesser pay over the dad’s; who turns out to be a richer and more successful bricklayer (123).

Difference between Paraphrasing vs. Summarizing

What does paraphrasing vs. summarizing involves?

Features of paraphrasing:

  • Compared to summarizing paraphrasing provides helps identify and promote the core meanings of the quotes or the original author’s line of thought.
  • It contains a writer’s uniqueness and style of writing on another author’s work.
  • To paraphrase in MLA or APA style requires you to state the source of the work to help guide other writers as well as acknowledge the original author.
  • It highlights the central idea in the author’s work and puts it in the writer’s own voice.

Features of summarizing:

  • A summary tries to pick out the key points in an original text.
  • A summary contains a review of the author’s main idea.
  • A summary usually comes as precise lacking of repetitions and supporting information.
  • It should be shorter than the original content.
  • The summary provides a coherent and abridged version of the original author’s work using the writers own words.
  • The summary comes out as original and independent of the author’s words and style of writing just the central ideas.
  • It contains the writer’s interpretation of the original author’s central idea.
  • Summarizing tries to use a single sentence to explain the whole content.

Great Results Aren’t the Only Thing Our Paraphrase Service Cares About

best paraphrasing website for helpThough getting you the highest possible quality rephrasing is the most important thing to us. As the best paraphrasing website, we want to make sure that your experience with us is also easy and successful. Our work is always thoroughly checked and screened after being professionally written, but if any problems ever arise you’ll find our customer service committed to helping you with whatever you need. We keep our prices as low as possible and our service as good as possible to help as many people as possible, and you can become one of those people today!

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