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Borrowing Anyone’s Idea Isn’t Criminal

Restructuring text is when you take another piece of writing and make it in your own words while maintaining the same meaning. This is often done by people using other works to cite within their academic works to demonstrate their understanding of the work and phrase it better to go with their work as well as to avoid piracy. It is also used a lot by people who write live who want to create content that is not going to trigger any penalties for posting content on their sites that is copied.

Plagiarizing is when you copy material from another person’s work without permission and without providing any sort of reference back to the original work. Not only is this unethical it is actually illegal as most works are covered by copyright.

learning to paraphrase without plagiarism

Can You Help Paraphrase for Me?

Poorly rewritten work can still count as plagiarization if your content does not change enough of the words or the original structure of the works being paraphrased. Despite many words being changed this is still copying not your content. Plagiarism paraphrase means to completely change the words and the structure, not to just run through and change every other word to an alternative that you have found in the thesaurus. This means that you have to be able to completely understand the work that you wish to make original.

How to Make Your Paper Unique

To paraphrase, firstly, read the work a few times to familiarize yourself with the work before you start. Then list out the main points into bullets that you will need to cover. Then use the bullets to change the original words in the source article without any reference back to the original. Re-read what you have written and compared it to the original to ensure that you have not unintentionally copied any phrases and that you don’t have the same words in use for the main points which may look like an infringement of copyright. Rephrase again if your work still looks similar.

plagiarism paraphrasing examplesLearning to paraphrase and plagiarism avoiding takes more than just replacing the word for another word. It is a skill that takes time, studying and constant practice to perfect. To excel at rehashing you must know how to paraphrase to avoid plagiarism. A poor attempt at restatement would result in a case of plagiarizing just like the person who copied in the first instance.

So, let’s explore some tips:

  • Read the original authors work from start to finish several times before commencing. Afterwards, write using your own words, style and in your own voice.
  • You must maintain the original author’s central idea and themes but speak from your own voice.
  • You can approach this kind of activity using the paragraph to paragraph or sentence to sentence rephrasing but not word for word rephrasing approach.
  • You need to understand the different styles that are used in texts, reference, direct quotations and page formatting for Chicago, APA, MLA and Harvard styles or format.
  • Learning the way to get an original paper. You must cite the source even when you did not use a direct quotation.

When Something Goes Wrong…

Paraphrase VS plagiarism is the most coming error committing in writing a paper because of non-understanding it. When a writer borrows the idea from another source without citing the name of the author(s) and to include the corresponding reference, it won’t be committed as content piracy. Sometimes text piracy is simple dishonesty but it can also be a crime or an illegal act in some states and a serious violation of federal laws. For example, if a writer copies the work of another without citing its source and considers the work as his own, he/she will have to pay a fine and jail sentence for around 10 years.

While some services use a “spinner” to automatically change the documents we use highly skilled and experienced paraphrase online writers that understand the works that they have been asked to paraphrase for me. These automatic spinners can only work according to “rules” and as such are easily spotted as spun copies especially by the search engines who will mark it as copyright infringement.

Hire Professional Experts – Always the Best Way

To elude bad consequences, get professional experts who have excellent level and experience in it. Such skills in any writing are important because in case you are borrowing other people’s ideas, you will be accused of copy-paste text.

  • If you feel that you need an expert to help with your work you should seek help from our reputable well-alleged company where you will be assured of quality help.
  • Realize that it is always advisable to hire someone like us to ensure that citations are done correctly.
  • Be assured that you are getting the services of a legitimate company that has offered a lot of academic services to many clients globally.
  • Hire expert paraphrase plagiarism for your coursework and be assured of quality services.

how to paraphrase to avoid plagiarism

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Whether you need professional help, we have a team of experts to help you with your requirements.

By availing our services, you can expect the following: professional and reliable writing services for any type of academic document and many more. We also specialize in academic summaries that are written by our expert and experienced writers. We offer a variety of services to our clients, including writing, editing and text outlining if needed. If you order our services, you can enjoy many advantages:

  • Perfectly written content. Our experts can write your content in the new and fresh way, without any mistakes.
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  • Formatting. Formatting is a big problem for the people, as they have no idea about different formatting styles. We can do formatting too.
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