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ParaphrasingService.com is such a great service provider of paraphrased contents that look so original. I would be using their paraphrasing service again!

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Our Services

Paraphrasing VS Summarizing.
Which Service Is Yours?

Paraphrasing Summarizing
Content the same meaning in other words abridged version of the text
Details same level of detailing only key details are mentioned
Quotes yes if required
Plagiarism no no
Word Count remains approximately the same decreases according to your requirement

If you are in need of professional-grade summarizing and paraphrasing services then you are in the right place. At ParaphraisingService.com, we specialize in helping you summarize and rephrase your most important documents; no matter what you need these services for.

Summarize vs. Paraphrase: Knowing the Difference

help distinguish paraphrasing vs summarizing

At our paraphrasing service, we know that sometimes people get confused when it comes to understanding the difference. We are happy to breakdown the details when it comes to using summarize vs. paraphrase services so you can decide which service is best for you.

  • Paraphrasing – This includes rewriting a document so that it is in your own words or in completely different words. This means more than just substituting a few words here and there it means altering the sentence structure entirely and putting the document in your own words completely. Re-phrased documents or usually around the same length as the original document.
  • Summarizing – Far more general than point-by-point translations. In summarizing you will be taking the main idea of a passage and providing a short summary of the most important points from the original information. Summarized documents are usually much shorter than the original document.

We Can Help with Summarizing and Paraphrasing

Whether you are in need of professional summarize or paraphrase services, we are here to help you with what you need. This is why we have created a variety of expert services all designed with you and your needs in mind. Our services include:

  • Professional services for academic documents that you need to be re-written in time.
  • Academic summaries written by expert writers and that capture the meaning behind  any academic paper.
  • Business summarizing services from our professional writing staff. We’ll do our best for you.
  • Business centered services for your professional documents. Our writers know how to re-write documents properly.
  • General purpose rephrasing and summary services from a truly talented professional writing team.

Turning to Our Paraphrasing Services

At our professional company,services for summarizing and paraphrasing powerpoint we know that paraphrasing and summarizing documents can be a tedious task; which is why we are here to help. We will not only offer you professional services for your general, business or academic needs but we will back all of our services up with a complete money back guarantee. This means you can turn to us in confidence knowing you are making a risk free choice.

Get in touch with us when you need help with summarizing and paraphrasing!