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MLA Paraphrase Citation with Our Professionals

Paraphrase MLA is where you take a piece of literary work and repeat it back but use completely different words while preserving the original meaning. Rather than summarizing which often reduces the length of the piece considerably; it will generally keep the length of the piece around the same length as the original. Modern Language Association style refers to the particular style of academic writing that is being used and will dictate how you cite the work that you have re-phrased within your own document.

Where Would You Need to Paraphrase MLA?

When writing an academic document, especially one that will be placed online, it is vital to avoid plagiarism or copying. This means that for your work to not fall foul of any plagiarism checking either by those reviewing your work or by the search engines online you have to ensure that anything that you are “quoting” or using in some way has been rewritten into completely different words.

help with paraphrasing mla format

Most Popular Methods of Modern Language Association Style

Plagiarism is bad and it is rampant worldwide. In business, in school and everyday activities, plagiarism always tries to thrive. The good news is that restructuring, as well as good paraphrase example MLA, is one good strategy to overcome plagiarism, borrowed content presents the ideas and information you have read in your own words.

By expressing content in your paper from your own statements, you demonstrate to your readers that it is your own concepts you wish to convey to them.

Even if you do not quote a source directly and only change the wording from a source, you must still give direct credit to that source using an in-text reference following the needed guidelines. In MLA paraphrase, your quotation is placed at the end of your text, but before the period.

List the author’s last name following an open parenthetical mark. List down that are being used and then end your mention using a parenthetical mark. For multiple pages, use a hyphen between the numbers and mention the name of the author or you only need to cite the page numbers.

Follow Our Professional Tricks

  • The statement must be in your own words. Do not simply use a thesaurus.
  • By flipping the sentence, you interchange the beginning with the end and move the end to the beginning creating an entirely new structure.
  • To introduce the source, add a signal phrase before the sentence. A signal phrase makes readers aware that a new source is introduced and may even state some info from the source or about it.
  • Use changing referencing afterwards to comment on what the source stated using your own voice. Even if a paper is stated in your own words, it is still coming from someone else’s idea.

Expert Advice from Real Pros

MLA paraphrase citation allows you to share ideas of an author idea without using any direct quotes. A good rehashing conveys the meaning of the source used and attributes it correctly. Your citation must be before the period at the end of your writing. The last name of the author must be listed following an open parenthetical mark. List the page numbers you are paraphrased, and then close your referencing with a parenthetical mark. Use a hyphen between the number for multiple pages.

How to Solve All the Appearing Issues

This style will typically require you to use the name of the author followed by the page of the work that you are quoting. A sample of a paraphrase citation MLA is:

This shows a link between the conscious and the unconscious within the artists works (Molehill 184)

You change the original words into your own from the work and follow it with the author’s name and the page number. The full reference will be within the reference section of your work allowing the reader to follow up on the cited works should they wish to do so.

So MLA format paraphrase requires you to write what was originally said into completely new words while fully preserving the original meaning, this does not just mean taking each sentence and replacing each word with a synonym straight out of a thesaurus. It requires you to understand the work fully and repeat it often with a completely different sentence structure.
how to paraphrase mla like a professional

So if you are struggling with either how to paraphrase in MLA, we can provide you with the expert paraphrase MLA format that you need.

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