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What Style or Type Do You Need to Use While Reformulating Someone’s Idea?

Indeed, it is true that mentioning some other people’s idea in a paper is a sensitive process. It is called a process since it has a great requirement in choosing the right words to say to represent the idea without losing the key points. The same guidelines apply to Harvard paraphrasing. True to all kinds of sources, those type makes use of the year as its additional in-text citation detail. Whether the paraphrased idea is from a reference book, magazine, website, or newspaper, the year of publication is made the most important part when doing an MLA citation.

The year of publication may or may not necessarily change the credibility of the discussed topic, but it helps the readers assess whether the cited idea is as relevant as it was during the time of publication. More recent arguments may be available to repel its relevance to the subject matter.

Harvard Paraphrasing Form and Samples

Its principles of reformulating tend to differ slightly from that of APA and MLA. You can check online for more paraphrasing websites Harvard technique but rely on our professional service to get your papers sorted out quickly.

Using the year helps Harvard referencing paraphrasing and to know how recent the publication is. Paraphrasing Harvard format makes places the year of publication in bracket or parenthesis in the work.

Using paraphrasing Harvard referencing is not the same for magazines, newspapers, online materials, books or research papers.

Example #1

Original text:

The use of regularly updated anti-virus has the potential to secure a persons’ computer from all forms of virus attack, malware, and Trojan horse.

Paraphrased content:

Kevin (2018, p. 187) states that to deal with malware, Trojan horses, and virus attack, the use of updated anti-virus can help save a personal computer.

Example #2

Original text:

Children undergo different stages of development from their infancy to when they finally become adults. The most critical stage in the growth of a child is the infancy stage where more attention needs to be paid to their health, feedings and general wellbeing. Breastfeeding provides a means to a better health situation for infants. It helps their development and immunity to most forms of ailments.

Keystone, J.V. (2018). Developing healthy children through breastfeeding. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Paraphrased text:

Keystone (2018) explains that breastfeeding offers a very important means for the healthy development of infants. The infancy stage of a child cannot be joked with when dealing with the children overall development. And breastfeeding plays a central role in securing the child from harmful diseases.

When to Use This Format?

Universities may set their own referencing style. When some specific is required, consult an expert site as this Harvard referencing paraphrasing in text differs when using a magazine, newspaper, and so much more when the source is the web. The year may be the most distinctive aspect of such style writing but the arrangement and a few more details that must appear under the bibliography section vary depending on the source. This intricate system may need the help of a service expert or a consult from any researched focused universities worldwide.

It is best to keep in mind that the effectiveness of a restructuring style does not just depend on the choice of words when changing the wording, but also on the consistency of the quotation rules and the reliability it builds for the paperwork. An inconsistent and weak bibliography list is an indication of weak content.

Order our professional help with writing the research paper using paraphrasing Harvard style. Therefore, we offer you the best and expert assistance with this form for your papers.

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