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Common Difficulties

When you look at paraphrasing examples in paraphrasing site, you might think that it is easy. But once you start doing the work on your own, you will realize that just merely looking at some samples is not enough. Students struggle when it comes to doing such action, and these are the usual difficulties that they experience:

  • Most are simply clueless about how this is done or what is it. Although looking at a sample that can help, if you don’t know the right way to do it, changing words into your own ones can still be difficult.
  • Some students struggle when it comes to the style and avoiding the common mistakes where they just change the words.
  • Remade content without altering the ideas of the author is also very challenging.

paraphrasing vs summarizing examples and help

If you are interested in seeing how rearranging can transform your document then take a look at paraphrasing quotes examples and how they can help transform a document. Whether you are looking to have a professional, general or business document translated we can help you with this task and deliver you with a completely unique document that will pass any plagiarizing test.

original research paper paraphrasing sample  paraphrased research paper paraphrasing sample

Summarizing and Paraphrasing Examples

Young writers make a huge mistake when trying to make borrowed text original hence we provide examples of paraphrasing to help guide you. Now you can learn the difference and basic features of summing up and maintaining the borrowing idea when you read through our paraphrasing citation examples on this site.

  • Summarizing. When you summarize what you engage in is a precise and concise text, sentence or paragraph of an original work maintaining the central thoughts but stated in your own words. Unlike APA paraphrasing examples, a summary turns out as a shorter version of the original work. It is a distilled version of the original author’s work. You should also be able to provide a quotation or footnote at the end of the page stating the sources cited in the course of writing the summary. The summary must not lose its appeal, become vague but stick to the central line of thought when you summarize.
  • Paraphrasing. It is an attempt to recreate another author’s work using your own words, sentence, and voice such that it carries your personal brand or style but maintains the central idea. Most times a restatement as you would see in our examples of paraphrasing plagiarism maintain about the same length as the original text. It could also carry the author’s name, year of publication and sometimes page number for referencing or the source. This is could also contain a quotation with the marks.

Top Samples to Discover

Original Work

Starting a business for most would-be entrepreneurs could be quite challenging. The need to make a profit and meet a need could be the overall driving force for which a lot of persons want to be in business. But research has shown that only 65% of young business start-ups ever make it through their first two years of being in business. Another 25% rarely see the first five years of their business start-ups. This puts the number of businesses that make it through the first five years of business establishment below 45% in the United States of America. Two key challenges confronting most start-ups as discovered include poor managerial kill and low financial intelligence.

John, Woodpecker (2018). From Business Start-up to Innovation stage. New Jersey: Prentice Hall Publishers.

Summarized Sample

Start-up businesses in the United States of America find it quite challenging to scale through the first five years for as about 45% of business start-ups. And this is due to inability to understand the business terrain, financial and managerial issues. About 65% of business start-ups survive their first two years, while within the next five years 25% more businesses collapse. At the end of five years, only about 45% remains operational according to report by Woodpecker (2018).

Paraphrased Sample

Reports published in Woodpecker (2018) indicate that less than 45% of young business start-ups in the US ever make it above five years from the date of establishment. The figure even gets worse for businesses below two years from the date of the establishment with not more than 65% surviving the first two years. Basically, 65% survive two years and another 25% of the 65% fall out before five years, leaving a total of less than 45% survivor rate after five years. As much as there is the need to be profitable young businesses suffer from the lack of business etiquettes, particular in the area of business and financial management.

Sample Original Document

When it comes to luxury transportation, there is no more recognizable option than the limousines. Limousines (or limos) are extremely luxurious and are a common transportation solution in instances where an everyday sedan simply won’t do.  The term limousine is actually not a brand of car, but was coined to describe large, luxurious vehicles with similar characteristics. Generally, limos are large; most notably longer than the average car, making limos a popular choice for large groups. However, it isn’t just a large party that generally calls for this vehicle, corporate uses of limos have grown in recent years making them a common choice for executives and businessmen alike. Although the name limousine is a term generally connected to long white cars, there are a variety of styles and classes of limos that fall under this category. In most cases, limousines are rented for an evening or a short period of time.

Sample Paraphrased Document

In today’s market, no type of luxury vehicle is as recognizable as the timely and iconic limousine. These vehicles, also often called limos, are the epitome of class and luxury and provide transportation services when standard vehicles will not suffice. Typically the term limo is a phrase used to describe a type or size of the vehicle and many of the leading vehicle manufacturers create their own versions of limousines; or large cars that offer plush interior seating options. This is what makes limos such a popular choice for large groups and special occasions like weddings, proms, and special events. While many associate limousine services with special events such as these; they have also become a popular option for business professionals looking for a luxury transportation option in situations where they need a professional to drive them from one destination to the next whether it’s to the airport or between meetings.

Services That Our Experts Offer

The good news is that you don’t have to stress as you can always seek the professional help of experts. We offer you the following ones:

  • Paraphrasing. If you are having a hard time doing your work, you never have to worry as we can do the job. We can guarantee you a well-written content that is original but does not have piracy issues.
  • Summarizing. A lot of students get confused between summarizing and paraphrasing examples which are both two different things. When doing a summary, you have to condense the text which means that the length is reduced.
  • Writing. From writing an academic paper to other types of content, we have writers who come from different backgrounds.
  • Editing. After the proofreading process, our editor will do the necessary editing to make sure that the content does not have any grammatical or spelling errors.

We can work with any type of content which includes the following:

  • Article
  • Content
  • Essay
  • Text
  • Paragraph
  • Sentence

examples of paraphrasing and summarizing

Our Dedicated Team

Hiring only the best and competent writers, proofreaders and editors in the team, you can only expect topnotch work. Our writers have vast experience in handling various kinds of writing projects across different fields. From an academic paper to other types of content, our writers know exactly the kind of content you need. With their years of experience, our employees can easily rehashed content, provide you with paraphrasing examples MLA and give you a quality written work that meets your expectations.

what is paraphrasing examples

Features and Benefits from Our Beneficial Service

  • Quality work. When you look at our output, one thing we can assure you is that we ensure it is of high quality. It undergoes various processes to make sure that it has the right paraphrased content, style, logical sequence and it is free from any error.
  • On-time delivery. We are also very conscious of time. No matter how tight the deadline is, we always strive hard to submit the draft on time.
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction. All of our customers would attest for the kind of work that we provide to them. We have a loyal customer base who always comes back to us for our writing and editing.

Feel free to use our samples as your guide but if you need professional writers to help you with writing, contact us for more information!