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APA Paraphrase Guidelines

Thinking of APA paraphrase? You should know that paraphrasing is never an easy task since you will have to avoid certain things. For one, you should avoid plagiarism. This is the deliberate copying of someone’s writing property. It will not take you in a good light to do this but will put you in trouble in case your teacher or professor caught you.

Second, it will put you in a bad position if your classmates or colleagues would know that you are copying. This might indicate of your lack of knowledge or laziness to come up with your original content. So, how do you APA paraphrase?

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APA Paraphrase Guidelines

  • As you know, it’s not east to paraphrase since you still have to keep the thought of the research paper without copying or committing plagiarism. This will only be possible if you would let yourself dwell in the thought of the paper to come up with your own findings without copying the content.
  • You should not imitate the style of the wording or the author. You should have a citation, as you always should. But, no matter how official you put the citation, you still would commit plagiarism if you would not use your wording for the APA paraphrase.
  • Therefore, you should have your wording and style to use for paraphrasing so that the reader would recognize it as your work and not a duplicate of someone else’s. When thinking to APA paraphrase, you should list down all the main points of the author. You should write using your words without even looking at the original source. This way, you will avoid duplication.
  • Did you only change the words into their similar phrases or terms? You should know that this might not be enough and that the real author could unmask and find out that you stole his work after he changed those words you used. In paraphrasing, only changing with synonyms is never enough. Not only that it will ruin the structure and the meaning of the paper, but it is also risky on your part.

Don’t APA Paraphrase Yourself

If you think that your ability to paraphrase is not enough and that would put you in trouble, then it might help if you would hire a professional summarize or paraphrase service to do it for you in the APA style. Since they are experts in research papers and citations, they could take this job like a piece of cake.

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