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Reliable Help on Paraphrasing APA

apa format for paraphrasing

American Psychological Association sets the guideline for your academic writing including the formatting style. And APA paraphrasing example contains all the basic details you need when preparing to write a paper.

Restructure the borrowed content is to repeat either the written or spoken word using similar words but while retaining fully the original meaning. It is a method that is used extensively to check someone’s understanding. Most written work is covered by copyright so using someone’s original writing and ideas without permission is both illegal as well as being completely unethical. So, transforming a taking author’s idea allows you to avoid piracy or copying issues by completely changing what has been written.

Paraphrasing APA is also used extensively within academic works; the author seeks to convey the same information using different words either because the original uses a very different style or difficult language, or to show their understanding of the work. Such passages should however still be accredited back to the original author as the originator of the ideas rather than just being “stolen”. Quotations should be made in the style in which your paper is written so if your content is in this style your article must follow the rules for the paraphrasing APA format.

This article will provide:

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American Psychological Style Cases

The original passage:
Lean Manufacturing is often misrepresented as a method that focuses purely on the elimination of waste and inefficiencies within a company’s processes. This often leads to implementations that restrict the company’s ability to change and respond when their customer’s needs change.
A paraphrased quotation:
Earley (2010) suggests that many companies find their ability to respond to market changes severely restricted by incorrectly applying the ideals of lean manufacturing. By only considering Lean as a way to remove waste and improve efficiency they miss many of the important requirements of lean (p.15)

The APA format paraphrasing would be reflected within the reference section of your work where you would provide the full reference to the original work. This repeats the original in a different way but the meaning remains unchanged.

Samples of Correct Citings

Direct citing:
The on-going 2018 world cup in Russia has sprung up a lot of surprises. With some of the notable teams and regularly featured countries in the over the year falling out at the first stage of the competition there seem to be a shocker awaiting the world as to which nations would likely make it to the last four in the competition. But till then all fingers remain crossed as we watch as the event unfolds.
The Russia 2018 World Cup has been a spectacular occurrence in the sporting world this season. Russia 2018 World Cup has featured outstanding as well as disappointing performances seeing even soccer bigwigs being shown the way out in the race towards the quarter-finals stage of the competition. All that’s left to do is seat back with so much expectation as the world looks forward to the teams that would emerge eventual winners of Russia 2018 World Cup competition.

Understanding how to utilize APA paraphrasing can help improve the quality of your papers. It pays to know the layout to adopt when writing, how to make use of references both in-text and at the reference or bibliography. Knowing how to using paraphrasing citation APA can help establish or make your paper stand out.

professional apa paraphrasing help

Difference between Quotation, Paraphrase, and Summary

  • Quotation.  Quotation usually involves using the excerpts or parts of the original author’s statement word for word. But the writer must ensure to cite directly, explain in the writer’s word and then reference the original writer in the paper.
  • Paraphrase. It usually takes the original author’s line of thought but presents the paper in his or her own words. The writer can acknowledge the original author but must never copy the original work anytime.
  • Summary. When you summarise you try to identify the key points in a paper and itemize them in your work. You also write from a broader perspective but try to make the paper shorter than the original work. You must also state the original author as the source of the work.

In conclusion, the quotation has direct excerpts or words from the original work with acknowledgement. The paraphrased work contains your own words written in a unique way but with the central idea. The summarized content picks the central points from the main work, writes from a broader perspective and then gives acknowledgement.

See paraphrasing in APA papers on our site to help serve as a guide. While using them as a guide, you can save time and effort when you get professional help with your work.

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We Can Do Your APA Paraphrasing Citation

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