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APA Paraphrasing Rules

The time and effort that it takes to complete paraphrasing can for many people defeat the purpose of doing it in the first place. It all depends on what you need to paraphrase in the first place, and what it’s for. If you’ve got an extensive piece of content that you’d like to paraphrase to avoid plagiarism then some people think it’s just as easy to simply write it yourself, and in some situations, this can be true.

Paraphrasing can require a good deal of time and hard work, but also sometimes the content is high quality and insightful enough to want a version of it. So what to do? Well, our online paraphrasing site provides you with just such an answer, and gets you the help with any type of rephrasing, like MLA or APA paraphrasing.

help with in text citation for paraphrasing apa

General Recommendations for Referencing

APA paraphrasing is a little-complicated task, but you shouldn’t be confused at all as you need to just follow some rules and guidelines in paraphrasing. Today’s post will surely teach you that. You can make sure that you will be on the right track by following certain guidelines in APA paraphrasing. You can take a look at APA paraphrasing examples to get a better idea.

In-text citation for paraphrasing APA differs from that of the MLA, Harvard, Chicago and Thurabian styles for writing or referencing. Hence to be an effective research writer you need to abide by the instructions of your institution. See our guide on how to cite in-text APA when paraphrasing to help you excel at it even from the first attempt. But here is a quick recommendation:

  • For in-text citation for paraphrasing APA when dealing with the author comment you must place them in direct quotations with quotation marks. If the quote exceeds 40 words, place them in block quotations. You should also include the author’s name, year and page number.
  • Ensure that every time you have an in-text citation the corresponding details must appear in your reference list.
  • On how to cite in-text APA when paraphrasing always make use of the last name of the author and year of publication thus: (Ohworho, 2018). When using a direct quotation you can include the page number thus: (Ohworho, 2018, p. 28).
  • If it has to do with websites or other e-resources without page numbers use the paragraph number for reference. Website citation should include author and date if available. If the author’s name does not appear on the site then use the title and date for the in-text. For longer titles use only the first five to seven words. If the source has no date then include ‘n.d’ meaning, no date where the year should be after author’s name.
  • Author’s name can appear at the end of the citation in parenthesis or at the beginning as part of the narratives. For instance, people and places make the difference in education (Jude & Carpenter, 2018). Or as narratives: Jude and Carpenter (2018) state that people and place make the difference in education.

APA Paraphrasing Is Tricky but You Will Do Just Fine

Although you can find it a little bit tricky, what you will need to take note of such as not copying the author’s style in his work. You should avoid plagiarism at all cost to avoid any problems. Having that said, you should take note that you will be borrowing the author’s work but not to copy his write-up. So, you need to make it certain that you reword his APA citation perfectly.

  • Paraphrasing service says that you should get the gist of the citation before you reword. What did you understand from what you read? You should first understand what the author has written before you rewrite it. This way, spinning his citation will never be hard.
  • You should, however, make sure that you will be including all the important details in the citation so that your work would also be accurate.
  • You should make sure that your readers will understand that the citation is coming from you and that you didn’t just spin the words. Having that said, you need to make sure that your citation makes sense and isn’t hard-to-understand.
  • Once you’re done in paraphrasing, you need to read your work so that you can see whether what you have written makes sense.
  • Don’t just try to change the words into synonyms to avoid copying. You have to know that your readers should clearly understand your ideas by conveying your thoughts accurately.

Take note that the APA style doesn’t actually require some references for your summary. However, you need to make sure that you include the relevant text in your paper. You can also ask your professor if summaries are needed for the project.

how to cite in text apa when paraphrasing

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