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Summarizing Examples

real summarizing examples and summarizing help

What Is Summarizing?

Most students get confused between summarizing and paraphrasing. When you do a summary, basically what is expected from you is to create a condensed form of the resource material that you are reading. When you look at summarizing examples, you will see that the length of text is definitely much shorter compared to a paraphrased content.

At our professional online rephrasing services, we know that summarizing documents can be a tedious task; which is why we are here to help. We will not only offer you professional services for your general, business or academic needs but we will back these services up with a complete money back guarantee. We also know that sometimes figuring out the different between summarizing and paraphrasing can be hard. In general, instead of point-by-point translations, summaries will take a larger text and turn it into a small, much more general summary. We will show you how in our of our summarizing examples.

3 Popular Methods of Summarizing

3-2-1 Strategy

The first method is known as the 3-2-1 strategy. With this method, you have specific information that you need to get. For instance, for 3 you need to get the most important facts. The second includes the interesting information that you are able to get and lastly the questions you have. This technique is widely used since it is very flexible and at the same time versatile. You can use this summarizing method in different subjects.


The jigsaw method requires cooperation. For instance, if you are working with others and you need to come up with a summary, this is a method that allows you to manage the information and details that you read and summarize in an effective way.

The Gist

Also known as a GIST strategy is a summarizing method that you use where you get the main or essential parts. This particular summarizing method is usually used when working with narrative texts.

Sample Original Document

There is a lack of camaraderie in society in regards to both what the “common good,” for society is and how to control and use technology within our society. The argument over the ethics behind innovative technology has been present since the implementation of technology itself. Feenberg was a proponent of incorporating democratic principles into the design of technology in an attempt to dis-sway people from the idea of determinism. Technological determinism is based off the idea that the development of technology itself follows a predictable path that has escaped the influence of culture or politics. It is also states that technology has natural effects on society that are not socially conditioned so that society develops and supports a technology once it has been introduced.  Feenberg instead attempted to persuade people towards the idea that technology is shaped by society through the influence of culture and politics. This philosopher spent a great deal of his life attempting to dis-sway people from determinism because he thought that the average person was naive about technology and he was a proponent of incorporating democratic principles into the design of technology.

Sample Summarized Document

Although there has been a great deal of debate over the ethics of technology today, in terms of determining whether people should have control over technology in order to reach the ‘common good’ in society. This lead to the popular philosophical theory; technological determinism, a theory that states technology has natural effects on society and it is not influenced by society. The philosopher Feenberg was a proponent against this idea and attempted to convince people that technology is shaped by culture and politics.

A Sample of Summarizing a Paragraph

Original Paragraph

Depression could be a debilitating situation in a person’s life. Most people who have never experienced depression cannot appreciate the challenges a person undergoing depression faces. Depression is more than just a feeling but a psychological state of the mind. And a person experiencing depression should be treated as someone not feeling well requiring the love and assistance of family and friends. So many factors can trigger depression in a person. Such factors include; losing a loved one, separation or divorce, failing an important examination, etc/


People living with depression suffer more from an illness not only a psychological state of the mind. One of the greatest things a depressed person needs is the love and affection of family and friends. So many life issues such as death, a broken relationship, failure at some life’s goals and more can trigger a state of depression. And only those experiencing it can understand perfectly the feeling.

Benefits of an Exceptional Good paraphrasing Sample

Summarizing paragraphs examples clearly has some benefits for particularly young writers and students. But it will take knowing where to check to get the most reliable summarizing a paragraph examples. Fortunately, we have presented you with a guide and samples here. And they include:

  • Clear thought

Having a sample of summarized work helps you see clearly to write a summary of the professional way. It makes it easier to think clearly with visual guides when trying to write your own summary.

  • See approximate length

Yes, you understand that the summary should be shorter than the original work but seeing it in action makes it easier to comprehend how summarizing a paragraph works.

  • Useful words or phrases

Our summarizing paragraphs examples contains useful words and phrases you might be able to borrow to write your own. Even when you can’t borrow our used text it should give you a clear idea on how to pick synonyms and other words for your summarizing.

professional summarizing example and help

How Will You Benefit from Ordering Our Services

With our services, you never have to worry about looking at examples of summarizing just to get exactly the quality work you want for submission. By availing our services, you can expect to have the following:

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Need an expert to help you create a good summary? Contact us for more information and details.

Use these summarizing examples as your guide to the perfect summarizing!